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A Pizza Garden


  • Stick
  • String
  • Onion seedlings
  • Capsicum seedlings
  • Spinach seedlings
  • Tomato plant
  • Parsley seedlings
  • Basil seedlings
  • Oregano seedlings


  1. Choose a nice sunny spot in your garden to use as for pizza garden. Mark this area off with string. Place a stickĀ in the ground, attach the string to the stickĀ and walk around with the string to mark out a circle.
  2. Make a mark half way through the circle, then twice more to make 6 sections.
  3. Plant each type of seedling in the individual sections so you have three different types of vegetables and three different types of herbs.
  4. In the very centre of the circle plant the tomato plant. Stake it well and tie the plant to the stake to stop it from falling over when it gets big.
  5. Don’t forget to water it regularly and make lots of pizza with the ingredients. (Have a look at our recipes for an easy pizza sauce and pizza dough recipe!)