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My Greenhouse

By August 8, 2016August 15th, 2016Garden Activities


  • Big seeds. Beans and pumpkin seeds are good
  • Small plastic ziplock bag
  • Cotton wool or paper towel
  • Paper
  • Stapler
  • Marker pen
  • Water


  1. Each child gets a seed, plastic bag, cotton wool and paper.
  2. Help them to cut the paper into the shape of a house, with a window in the centre.
  3. Wet the cotton wool and place flat, inside the plastic bag.
  4. Place the seed ON TOP of the cotton wool.
  5. Seal the zip lock bag.
  6. Staple the paper house over the plastic bag with the window showing the seed.
  7. Hang in a window where it is warm and sunny.
  8. In a few days the seed will start to sprout and children will be able to see the process.