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Sprouting Potatoes for Planting

By July 25, 2016October 18th, 2016Garden Activities


  • Egg container
  • Newspaper
  • Potatoes (seed potatoes are best but any old spud will work)


  1. Put the seed Potatoes on the grooves of the egg container.
  2. Find a warm, sunny and dry spot for them. Put the newspaper down to keep the area tidy and place the egg box on top.
  3. The Potatoes should start to turn green and the ‘Eyes’ will start to sprout.
  4. Make sure these ‘Eyes’ are facing upwards.
  5. Leave the potatoes alone for 4 – 6 weeks until they start growing leaves.
  6. Once the sprouts are 3 – 4 cm long, the Potatoes are ready to be planted in the ground.