Terrace End School – 5th August 2020

Our session with Room 2 at Terrace End School was such fun. We had a wonderful group of students, keen teachers and awesome volunteers to help us for the morning.

We planted up 3 big garden beds with cabbage, cauliflower, spring onions, bok choy  and much more and we hope that this produce will be ready for us to use when we head back to Terrace End at the end of term 3. I hope the students are remembering to weed and water the seedlings to encourage them to grow.

Cooking is always so much fun and we had a group of students who were all very keen. The worked together to produce a wonderful lunch for everyone to enjoy together. Nearly all the food was demolished and I was very pleased to see new foods being tried (and liked!)

Thank you Room 2 for a lovely day, don’t forget to come and say hi when we are back again.

Until then, happy gardening everyone! Jacinda


Makariri – Winter and what to do in your garden.


Carrots in a bucket.

Don’t have a garden or any space to make one??? Give this wee project a go. Just don’t forget to thin then when they come up 😉