Kopane School – 12th August 2020

The rain held off for our first of 2 sessions at Kopane School. We had the senior class of year 7 & 8 students who were all ready to go with their gummies and coats.

I was super impressed that the garden beds had been weeded and were all ready to go. We gave them a good dig over to break up the soil to make it easy of us to plant our seedlings into. Next we added some plant food to the soil, compost (cocoa), lime (incing sugar), blood and bone (cinnamon), general garden fertiliser (sprinkles), sheep poo (chocolate chips) and dug that in well. Next went in the seedlings, and there were loads! Cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli, spring onions, beetroot, pak choy, spinach, silverbeet, coriander and a few more. Hopefully these will grow well and we will be able to use this produce when we head back to Kopane School in term 4.

the cooking took place in the hall/senior classroom and the smells drifting out of there were amazing! I was so impressed with the cooking skills and team work that went on to create such a wonderful meal. I hope that it tasted as amazing as it looked and that some of the recipes get tried at home.

Our team had a wonderful time at Kopane School and can’t wait to return in term 4. Until then, happy gardening everyone! Jacinda


It’s time to get ready for summer spuds!
Potatoes are an easy vegetable for beginners and they are a fantastic first crop in new soil as the roots and tubers break it up and make it easier to dig in the future. July/August is a good time to start sprouting your potatoes ready for planting in September. It’s a great activity for kids to do!


Re-growing Spring Onions