Riverdale School – 26th February 2020

Our second session at Riverdale School was with Mrs Kenyon’s whanau group. We started the morning with a chat about how to keep ourselves and others safe whilst cooking and gardening, and what to do if there is an emergency. Some of you got the chance to attend a Plant to Plate session last year, so you were already in the know, but it’s always a good idea to have a little bit of a reminder.

Out in the garden i was very pleased to see the sprinkler on the garden beds, giving the plants we planted the previous week a good drink. It always amazes me how quickly they grow at this time of the year. The love the warmth but they do get thirsty too! We put lots of food on the soil for our plants. Cocoa, icing sugar, cinnamon and sprinkles… no wonder they plants grow so well 😉 Then we planted the lovely seedlings that were donated from Awapuni Nursery, and gave things another big drink.

In the cooking area we tried a new recipe – peach muffins – they are so yummy! We I try a new recipe I get my children to test it out too, then sometimes even my husband! (If he can make them, anyone can!) our favourite recipe of the day was the fruit smoothie, followed closely by the vegetable fritters. You all did an amazing job of cooking and cleaning up, but I was most impressed by how well you ate! There was nothing left. Boris the kunikuni pig missed out on his weekly bucket of scraps 🙂 Don’t forget to try the recipes at home with your own whanau.

It was a great day, I hope you had as much fun as our team did. We are back again on Wednesday so make sure you say hi!

Until then, happy gardening everyone. Jacinda


What to plant in the Manawatu in February.

  • Basil, beetroot, blueberries, broccoli, carrot, coriander, kale, lettuce, mesclun, onion, parsley, radish, rocket, silverbeet, spinach, spring onion, strawberry, sweetcorn, tomatoes.


Salad in a bucket.

If you don’t have a garden at home it is super easy to make a small portable one. You can take it with you if you move house, it’s easy to take to the hose to water, and you can move into the sunniest spots around your section. Perfect!!!