North Street School – 5th Feb 2020

Session 1 of Term 1 2020 was with an amazing group of year 7’s at North Street School in Feilding. North Street School has taken part in the Plant to Plate Aotearoa programme for many years and has the added luck of having a community all-star, Dave Beaver, who comes into the school 1 lunch time a week to run a gardening green team with some of the enthusiastic gardeners – the vegetable gardens are kept in tip-top shape and the produce is shared amongst those who help out in the gardens. How cool is that!!!

It was lovely to have a nice sunny day and plenty of helpers both in garden and in the cooking area. We had a few brand new volunteers join us at this session to see how they can help out. We love having new people join our team, what we do is fun and essential to help our tamariki become great people in the future.

We got 4 big garden beds all planted up with vegetable seedlings from our friends at Awapuni Nursery. Many of these will be ready to be used at our next session at North Street in April. Before we planted anything we made sure that there was plenty of food in the soil so that the plants can grow big and strong. I wonder if the students remember what all the “ingredients” were? Cocoa, icing sugar, sprinkles, cinnamon and chocolate chips – sound yummy??? After carefully planting the seedling we made sure everything got a nice big drink and we even cover some of the plants with a fine cloth to stop the nasty white cabbage butterfly laying its eggs on the leaves.

As always the kitchen area was a hive of activity and the smells wafting out were delicious! I think that the favourite recipe of the day might have been the cauliflower fried rice, or possibly the rhubarb muffins! All our recipes are plant based and have been tried and tested by many kids – they are easy, cheap and yummy. I hope that some of the cool kids have tried the recipes at home with their whanau – if not, the recipes can be seen by clicking on the links to the right.

It was a great way to start of 2020 – thank you North Street for a super fun morning and I hope you come to say hello when we are back in April.

Until then, happy gardening everyone! Jacinda



Jobs for the Summer.

Keep weeding and watering. Water in the early morning or in the evening to help stop the water evaporating before it has sunk into the soil properly. Keep harvesting all your crops daily – especially things like zucchini which can go from normal size to elephant size in just a couple of days. Starting planning what you are going to grow over the winter months and start of seeds.


Make a Bird Frightener.

This time of the year bird like to eat our fruit and vegetables that are ready to harvest. This is a simple and fun way to deter them.