Milson School – Rooms 2, 11 & 12

Our team thoroughly enjoyed our time with the cool kids at Milson School. I am so impressed at the speed the gardens were growing and it was neat to be able to pick some of the produce we planted in the first week and use it in our 4th session! Those garden beds a full to the brim with fast growing vegetables that should mostly be ready to be pick before the term ends. Make sure to keep watering them if we don’t get any rain (highly unlikely in the Manawatu!!!) and keep on top of any little weeds that may poke there heads up. The bok choy and radish will the the first ready I think. Don’t forget about the giant pumpkin and the zucchini plants we planted over by the compost bin. they should like it there were there is lots of food for them!

I hope everyone enjoyed they lunch that they prepared for their class and teachers, I wonder if anyone has tried to make any of the recipes at home for their whanau? If you do give it a go I would love some photos of your efforts – I can update this blog with them. All the recipes are just off to the side – click on them and you will taken to the correct page. There are lots and lots of other recipes also on our website – all easy to make and kid approved! School holidays are coming up so that could be a great chance to give some of them ago.

Milson School its was a pleasure to spend 4 weeks with you – I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as the Plant to Plate team did. We all look forward to coming back again in the future. Don’t forget to check out all the photos and short video clips below.

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda



Plant sweetcorn in blocks not rows to ensure even wind-blown pollination of the cobs, and it like to be planted from seed where it is going to grow rather than be transferred.

Did you know that each one of the silky tassels attaches to one of the corn kernels! That means that every single silk needs to be pollinated for successful production. It pays to give the corn a bit of a shake to encourage pollination.


Self-watering Pots. These make cool presents!