Milson School – 30th October 2019

Another awesome session with the cool kids from Room 2 at Milson School. It was a busy session for our volunteers but we managed to make it a goodie even with a few volunteers short – must be thanks to the wonderful manners, listening ears and great helpfulness from the students.

We were again lucky with the weather and got another portion of the new garden beds planted up with purple carrots, tom thumb lettuce, basil and many other goodies. We also has a go at making wheat head people – I bet their “Hair” is well and truly up by now!

Lunch was amazing! I love seeing everyone working together and following instructions – I bet those tummies were super happy with the outcome of all that hard work (mine sure was!) The favourite recipe of the session was a draw this week with both; Spiced Apple Cake and the Green Salad with Dressing getting 7 votes each. I wonder if anyone has tried these recipes at home for their whanau yet?

The highlight of my day (apart from hanging with cool kids!) was the man who managed to get the keys out of my van after I locked them in!!! Phew.

Don’t forget to check on the vegetables we planted and the giant pumpkin that was planted by the big compost bin (I hope Pete hasn’t trod on it!!!)

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda


This is the prime time of the year to get growing. See the list below to find out what you can be planting and sowing NOW for Christmas and summer BBQs.


Plant a Pizza Garden.

Homemade pizza dough…YUM!