St Josephs School – 28th October, 4th & 11th September 2019

It was a pleasure to spend 3 weeks with the cool kids at St Josephs School in Feilding and even better to see the wonderful new garden beds that have put in since we last visited. The weather behaved for us also, and we were able to get the beds fully planted and ready for the spring/summer growing season. Check out the short video clips below and your will see some very enthusiastic, green fingered students weeding a planting!

As always there we yummy smells wafting out of the hall while the students cook up a storm! I love Wednesdays because I always get lunch cooked for me – This doesn’t happen often when your a Mum! It was great to see everyone chipping in at clean up time – like they say “Many hands make light work”! There was silverbeet in the garden and I begged Ciara to put silverbeet fritters on the menu one week – I LOVE THESE!!!!!! And silverbeet is such an easy to grow, healthy, delicious vegetable – and the fritters come out this funky bright green colour. Yum!

I hope the gardens are really starting to take of now that we have a bit of warmer weather – remember to keep watering them if we don’t get any rain!

I look forward to heading back to St Jo’s again next year! Until then, happy gardening everyone. Jacinda


Potatoes are an easy vegetable for beginners and they are a fantastic first crop in new soil as the roots and tubers break it up and make it easier to dig in the future. July/August is a good time to start sprouting your potatoes ready for planting in September. It’s a great activity for kids to do!


Grow an Avocado tree.