Longburn School – Kotuku, Kereru and Kea – 1st, 8th & 15th May 2019

It was neat to be back at Longburn School in May. Most of these guys had a P2P session last year so knew what to do, and it was great to see those new to the programme supported by the older students. The gardens were pretty wet and muddy due to a drainage problem caused by a neighbouring property but we were able to pick some produce the Green Team had planted earlier in the year and also fill in the gaps to keep the vegetable garden ticking along.

As always yummy smells wafted out of the school hall on the Wednesdays we were there – this ensured many wee faces appeared at the door wanting to have a try of the yummy Kai too!

Thank you Longburn School for having us back, keep up the great work in the gardens – especially sharing the harvested produce with you school community – I think that is super cool!

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda


Potatoes are an easy vegetable for beginners and they are a fantastic first crop in new soil as the roots and tubers break it up and make it easier to dig in the future. July/August is a good time to start sprouting your potatoes ready for planting in September. It’s a great activity for kids to do!


Grow an Avocado tree.