Cloverlea School – 2019

I love coming to Cloverlea School! I can probably say you have the best vegetable gardens at school that I have seen since starting at Plant to Plate. You are very lucky to have Mrs Morley to encourage and help you take care of the gardens throughout the year. I also loving coming to Cloverlea School so that I can see Mre Morley – we always have lots of tips, cuttings and seeds to share with each other… It’s one of those weird things that gardeners do!

This year we had a different set up in the kitchen are due to the renovations going on at school. It was wonderful to be able to use the staff room for the cooking part of our session – thank you to all the teachers that had to have give this space up on Wednesday so we could do what we do. I hope you all got some of the leftover goodies created by the very talented student chefs 🙂

We were luckier than previous years with the weather and got to spend lots of time getting seedling into the garden for spring and summer harvesting. I sure they will of been well looked after since then and are starting to provide you with something yummy to eat.

I wonder how many of you can remember the “ingredients” that we add to our “garden cake” mixture. We add “cocoa, icing sugar, sprinkles, cinnamon and chocolate chips” – can you remember what they actually are????

I look forward to coming back to Cloverlea School early next year for sessions again – but I might sneak in sometime soon to see how those gardens are looking! Come and say ‘Hi’ if you see me around 🙂

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda 


Potatoes are an easy vegetable for beginners and they are a fantastic first crop in new soil as the roots and tubers break it up and make it easier to dig in the future. July/August is a good time to start sprouting your potatoes ready for planting in September. It’s a great activity for kids to do!


Grow an Avocado tree.