North Street School – Room 5 – 20th March 2019

Our fourth and final session at North Street School was with the fantastic room 5. Many of the students had experienced a Plant to Plate session before and were able to help the students new to the process out. I love seeing students support each other in new situations!

I am amazed at how well the vegetable are going. I imagine that by now you are picking the lettuces, spring onions and bok choy that we planted. Remember to keep watering the gardens as we still aren’t getting much rain. By the time winter comes around I am sure there will be plenty of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower to go around! I’m sure Dave and the Green Team will keep that gardens ticking along nicely 🙂

Lunch was delicious! I was happy that I was able to stay and enjoy it. My favourite was the pasta with tomato cream sauce (My kids make it regularly at home) Followed closely by the chocolate avocado cookies. Unfortunately avocados are getting super expensive now, so this is one recipe that I will wait until they are in season again to make.

I hope you all had a great morning and I look forward to coming back to North Street again.

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda


Here is a list of seeds you can sow each month.


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