Aokautere School – Room 2 – 27th March 2019

I was blown away by how many lovely parents joined us for our first session at Aokautere School! There was about 6 parent helpers which was brilliant as we were a little short on volunteers for the morning. We had Mrs McIvor’s room 2 class of year 2 & 3 students.

In the gardens we planted up two of the raised beds out the front. We put in lots of food for our baby plants (Compost = Cocoa, Lime = Icing sugar, Blood and Bone = Cinnamon, General fertiliser = Sprinkles, Sheep poo = Choccolate Chips). After digging all of this in we planted our seedlings. Lots of lovely fast growing things like radishes and bok choy as well as spring onion and other winter favourites. I think everyone enjoyed watering the best though. i hope you have kept this up since I left 🙂 We also made wheat heads, i bet their hair is well and truly up now!

I saw some awesome team work in the hall where the cooking was going on. Lucky we had so many helper to make the tricky jobs of cutting , peeling and grating a bit easier. You all did an amazing job and the kai you produced was awesome. I was happy to see lots of people trying new foods they haven’t tried before, Ka Pai everyone.

Thank you to all the helpers the joined us for this session, I hope everyone enjoyed their time with or Plant to Plate Aotearoa team. I’m looking forward to the next time we visit Aokautere School!

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda


Remember to dig the plant food down deep into the soil. This will encourage the plant to grow BIG roots in order to hunt for the food and water. BIG roots will then mean BIG plants and more food for everyone!


Make your own bug spray.