North Street School – Room 4 – 13th March 2019

Week 3 at North Street School and we had Mrs Thirds room 4 class of super stars! We had a large group of volunteers, including a couple of our friends from Bunnings in Feilding and Dave who helps in the schools vegetable gardens every week. It cool to have so many people willing to give up their time to help out with our programme and teach our tamariki important life skills.

In the garden we add some fresh top soil before we dug in plant food. I wonder if you can all recall what each”ingredient” was. Cocoa, icing sugar, cinnamon, sprinkles and chocolate chips! (10 points to whoever gets them all correct!) We planted lots of lovely vegetables that will grow well over the next few months and be able to feed people during the winter months. One of my favourite winter vegetables are leeks. Here on our website there is an awesome recipe for leek and bacon tart. It is simple and cheap to make and tastes so good! I have been impressed every week how much the vegetables are growing, the lettuces will be ready to pick soon! Amazing 🙂

I had to leave early this session and I was very dissapointed about it! The smells wafting out of the kitchen area were making my tummy grumble. I wonder what the favourite recipe of the day was? I really love the udon noodle salad, so do my kids and they make it frequently at home. Sometimes they add chicken or slices of beef to it and sometimes they don’t even cook the vegetables and have it as a cold salad. It works both ways.

Room 4, it was such a great morning and I hope you all learnt something new. I hope you had as much fun as I did and I home you try one of the recipes at home… Imagine how impressed your whanau would be 🙂

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda


March is the time to get your garden ready for Makariri – the winter months. 
Start planting your winter veggie garden. Stagger your planting over the next month to help stagger your harvest.
Direct-sow carrots and parsnips into prepared, weed-free beds. Plant seedling or sow seed in seed raising trays of cabbage, kale, beetroot, broccoli, lettuce, coriander and parsley.


Newspaper growing pots