North Street School – Room 3 – 6th march 2019

We had such a great morning (and lunch!) with room 3 at North Street School. It was awesome to have a wonderful bunch of volunteers to help out and such a brilliant bunch of students ready to learn how to grow their own vegetable and cook with them. These are essential skills that we all need to learn in order to look after ourselves, and our whanau, in the future.

In the garden we had help from Rosemairi and Dave, and I was able to chat with everyone about the importance of feeding and watering the soil so the seedlings we plant have the best chance to grow up big and strong; and then feed us so we can eat delicious healthy food. We are lucky to have the support of Awapuni Nurseries who give us all the seedlings we use in schools gardens for free. We planted loads of brassica’s (cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli) as well as a garden essential… Spring onions! North Street School you are super lucky to have Dave come along every week to help you keep the gardens in tip top shape and producing awesome kai. Remember the golden rule… don’t plant it unless you are going to eat it! Share the amazing fresh produce around your school and community 🙂

I love coming into the cooking area to take photos. It is so cool to see everyone coming together to learn a new skills, support each other and work together to cook a delicious lunch. Food is such a major part of our lives and it doesn’t have to be expensive to taste amazing, be super nutritious or bring us all together. I hope you have tried one of the recipes at home! If not, the recipes are on this blog… pick your favourite and make it for someone you love this weekend.

Our team had a wonderful morning with you all room 3, we hope you had a good time and learnt something new as well. I look forward to seeing some of you again next year.

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda.



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