Taonui School – Room 4 – 7th February 2019

Our first session for 2019 was with our old (yes old, we’ve had some of these students for the past 6 or so years!) friends in Mrs A’s year 6, 7 & 8 class at Taonui School.

It was wonderful to see everyone again and meet one new young lady who hasn’t experienced a Plant to Plate Aotearoa session before. One of the benefits of returning to a school for many years is that the students know what we do, how we done and know that’s its always a fun morning with yummy food to enjoy at the end.

After the long summer school holidays and the dry windy weather we have had, the garden beds were understandably over grown and super dry. We had to dig lots and break up the soil with our hands first, then we watered like made to make it nice and soft for our fresh seedlings from Awapuni Nurseries. We then feed the soil with compost, sheep poo, lime and a general fertiliser and dug it in well. Next when in our vegetables: Beetroot, radish, broccoli, spring onions, zucchini and much more. For good measure we watered again. We added all the old weeds to the worm farm and gave that a good drink too. Once the cooking was done we added those scrapes to feed the worms as well. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t dry out or get to hot, and don’t forget to keep watering the garden beds in this weather.

Another good thing about returning to a school is that we can try new recipes with them. It was such a yummy meal that was prepared and there were almost no scraps left for Yvonne’s good mate Lachie, the kunikuni pig to enjoy. He would of been disappointed because he loves P2P day 🙂 I was super happy though, I love seeing empty plates and happy full kids.

Thank you room 4 for a wonderful start to 2019, I look forward to seeing some of you again next year and wish those of you who will be heading to high school the best of luck!

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda 🙂


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