Carncot School – Room 7 – 13th February 2019

It was so nice to be back at Carncot School for the second ever time! For this session we had Mr Watts wonderful class of year 7 students. Only 1 of these students had ever had a Plant to Plate Aotearoa session before so it was wonderful to introduce some new tamariki to our cooking and vegetable gardening programme.

It was a busy morning and we all got stuck in. We had a new volunteer join us for the first time as well, Sarah helped Neil and Rosemairi in the gardens. There were lots of lush seedlings from our friends at Awapuni Nursery These guys do great things in the Manawatu community and have been supplying us with fresh seedling every week for the past 10 years! That’s lots of broccoli! We planted beetroot, spring onions, pak choy and many other things and  made sure everything had a good drink.

The cooking went smoothly and the lunch that was prepared was amazing. I was especially impressed with how well everyone ate, there was barley anything in the scrap bucket at the end of the day. Ka Pai room 7. I hope you try some of the recipes at home with your Whanau. Imagine how impressed they would be if you dished them up Udon noodle salad for dinner 🙂

Thank you for a brilliant morning guys, the Plant to Plate team had a wonderful time with you all.

Happy gardening everyone, Jacinda.


Here is a guide of what plants to plant each month!


Grow an Avocado tree.