Cloverlea School – Room 4 – 30th May 2018

Thank you room 4 for letting us join you for the morning! We hope you had as much fun cooking and gardening as we did. The vegetable gardens will be heaving with produce soon, so I hope you share it with the school community or make some yummy kai with it. We are back at Cloverlea School next term , so come and say Hi if you see us around. Don’t forget to try some of the recipes we made at home with your Whanau… the vegetable stir fry was delicious and I reckon you families would be pretty impressed if you whipped that up for them.

Happy gardening my friends, Jacinda (not the PM)


Winter vegetable garden cover crops.

A great method of winter soil protection is planting a “cover crop.” A good cover crop grows fast, blanketing the soil and competing with weeds. Cover crops also grab on to nutrients in the soil, keeping them from leaching away over the winter; then return them when the cover crop is killed and dug in in spring. Growing cover crops also provides opportunities for lessons on root function, nutrient recycling, and decomposition.
Good options for winter cover crop:
– Lupin
– Mustard
– Daikon radish
– Phalecia


Natural bug spray