Taonui School – Room 1 & Friends – 21 March 2018

Back in March our team of Plant to Plate volunteers had a wonderful morning with 7 new entrant students and their 7 big helper friends. Some of the little ones had only been at school a few weeks and they did such an amazing job of preparing lunch for us all and getting the gardens AND the new hungry bin worm farm up and running. It was a busy morning for all, but thanks to the great support of the year 7 & 8 students it all ran smoothly. It was a real pleasure to be part of this session and we all went away with happy hearts and full bellies.

Well done guys your cooperation and patience was lovely to watch. I hope we get to do it again next year.

Until then, happy gardening everyone!  Jacinda.



If you don’t have a lot of space at your place, or you aren’t able to make a vegetable patch, growing vegies in a container is a great idea. Not only does it save space, you can move your containers to just the right spot, or even follow the sun around if you need to! Just remember to be vigilant with your water routine, containers dry out much faster than the ground does.


 Grow an Avocado Tree.