Somerset School – 28/03/2018

We had a wonderful morning cooking and gardening with an amazing group of senior students from Somerset School.

I was so happy to head out into the garden and find lots of produce that we could use in the recipes that were being prepared in the hall. I spoke to the students about what they could do with the rest of the produce that was ready. We harvested some bok choy that was ready and suggest that it be given to any of the school community that wanted it. I think it is really important to share what you have if you can’t use it all yourself. There isn’t really any point in planting a vegetable garden if the food just goes to waste! There is always someone out there who will be keen to use it. A share table at School is a really great way to do this. Below is a photo of last weeks share table at Longburn School.

All of this was grown in the school garden which is looked after by a keen group of gardeners aged 5 – 12. Anyone is welcome to help in the gardens at lunch time if they like. All this beautiful food was taken home by children and parents of the school. Looks colourful doesn’t it!

Everyone showed great team work by cooking a wonderful meal for the whole group. I wonder what everyone’s favourite part of the meal was? Maybe you could take a vote and let me know! You could try making your favourite meal at home for your whanau. Imagine how impressed they would be if you served them up pasta with a tomato cream sauce that you whipped up from scratch!

Our team of volunteers were very touched by your amazing song that you sang to thank us. I took a video of it and it is posted below. You are all famous!

Thank you Somerset School for having us and being such good fun. We look forward to coming back again next year.

Until then, happy gardening everyone! Jacinda (not the PM)


If you don’t have a lot of space at your place, or you aren’t able to make a vegetable patch, growing vegies in a container is a great idea. Not only does it save space, you can move your containers to just the right spot, or even follow the sun around if you need to! Just remember to be vigilant with your water routine, containers dry out much faster than the ground does.


Create a Pizza Garden.