ENVIRO EXPLORERS – Riverdale School Green Team – TERM ONE

Last year our Plant to Plate Aotearoa team surveyed local schools to see if they currently had a green team, if it was something they would be interested in doing, and what the obstacles to running one were. We decided we could help schools get these going and here we are!

15 students from Riverdale School were picked after writing application letters, to join the brand new Enviro Explorers group. They join me, Jacinda, every Tuesday lunch time to dig, plant, create, explore, save, make and discuss everything environmental. We find a few minutes to eat our lunch too!

So far this term we have:

  • Got a compost bin up and running
  • Planted up one of the vegetable gardens
  • Learnt how to save seeds
  • Got a brand new Hungry Bin Worm Farm started
  • Explained to other students what can go in the worm farm
  • Propagated strawberry plants for sale later in the year
  • Looked at a recycling timeline

It’s been lots of fun getting our hands dirty and learning ways to look after our environment and live in a more sustainable way.

In term 2 we will get more gardens planted up, look at propagating more plants for a seedling/plant sale, explore the outdoor learning space, recycling, check out my big box of weird and wonderful seeds and cook something with the produce we grow. Parents, caregivers or grandparents are more than welcome to come along, share some knowledge or learn something new!

In the students folders you will find out more information about Plant to Plate Aotearoa and some fun activities you can try over the school holidays. Please make sure this folder comes back to school in the first week so we can add more goodies to it.

Enjoy your holiday my friends, I’m already looking forward to our first session of term 2 and finding our the results of the survey! Happy gardening everyone. Jacinda.


Our last session for term 1 was a recycling timeline. These are some interesting facts we found out.

  • Tin foil never breaks down.
  • Glass bottles takes 1 million years.
  • Aluminum and steel cans can take 50 – 80 years.
  • Nylon re-usable produce bags take 40 years to break down and single use plastic bags take 500 years.
  • Some plastics break down faster than others.
  • Recycling has to be washed clean before you put it in the recycling bin.