Taonui School – Room 2 – 14/03/2019

Last Wednesday our team had a wonderful time with room 2 at Taonui School.

In the garden Neil, Rosemairi and Turoa helped you to feed the soil before planting the seedlings. Feeding the soil is a bit like making a chocolate cake. We add compost (cocoa), lime (icing sugar), general fertiliser (sprinkles) and sheep poo (chocolate chips) to the soil and dig it over gently to mix it all together. Then we planted lots of herbs and vegetable seedlings (thanks to our friends at Awapuni Nurseries for these). We planted red cabbage, spring onions, broccoli, thyme, parsley and radishes. All really lovely tasty vegetables. Next the seedlings had to be watered. I hope you have been checking them to see if they need more! I wonder if your wheat heads have started to grow yet and who has the longest ‘hair’?

Aleksandra, Ciara, Yvonne, Wendy and Lynn were helping you prepare the lunch in the school hall. There were some very yummy recipes picked for this session. I wonder what the favourite was? Maybe you could make your favourite for your whanau one day soon! You worked very hard and as a great team and the result was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed eating everything you made.

Our team is back for our final session for this year on Wednesday. Come and say Hi to us if you see us! Happy gardening everyone, Cindy.


If you don’t have a lot of space at your place, or you aren’t able to make a vegetable patch, growing vegies in a container is a great idea. Not only does it save space, you can move your containers to just the right spot, or even follow the sun around if you need to! Just remember to be vigilant with your water routine, containers dry out much faster than the ground does.


Create a Pizza Garden.