North Street School – Room 3 – 01/02/2018

Our first session back for 2018 was with Mrs Jeric’s Room 3 students. Being year 7 &  8 so of you have had Plant to Plate before, but there were some lovely new faces in the group as well.

We had a large team of volunteers for the morning. Helping with the cooking were Gaewyn, Craig, Aleksandra, Chrissy,Wendy and our new cooking coordinator Ciara. One of our volunteers brought along a whole heap of rhubarb, so we decided to do two recipes with it. It was the first time we had made the rhubarb spritzer and I thought it was pretty good. I think next time we should try it with soda water to give it some bubbles too! There are always so many yummy smells coming out of the kitchen and you all did an amazing job with the recipes we gave you. It was great to see everyone working together to make the meal, and I was pleased to see you all being to sensible with the sharp and hot equipment that you needed to use. The meal we shared together was wonderful, and as always the Potato and Rosemary bake was the hit for the day! Yum!

Rosemairi, Neil and I were the helpers in the garden today. We all had a big job ahead of us as the gardens had become quite overgrown over the summer break. No matter, I always find the weeds are easier to pull out when they are bigger! We had a bit of a chat about seeds, looked at some little wee ones and some really big ones. Discussed plant family groups and how seeds from the same family group often look similar, then got stuck into weeding, feeding the soil (with cocoa, icing sugar, sprinkles and chocolate chips!) and planting. We managed to get quite a bit in. Red cabbage, sugar snap peas, lettuce, beetroot, radish, zucchini and basil. After that we had to give it a big water because we have had such hot dry weather this summer. Remember to check your garden everyone day to see if those little seedling need any more water, they won’t thrive without it.

Room 3 I had a fun morning with you all. I hope you all learnt something new and I hope you try one of the recipes at home with your whanau this weekend. Come say Hi if you see me around next week. Cindy


If you don’t have a lot of space at your place, or you aren’t able to make a vegetable patch, growing vegies in a container is a great idea. Not only does it save space, you can move your containers to just the right spot, or even follow the sun around if you need to! Just remember to be vigilant with your water routine, containers dry out much faster than the ground does.


Create a Pizza Garden.