Longburn School Green Team – October 2017

Woo hoo, a wonderful sunny lunchtime to get stuck into the gardens with my awesome Green Team. And after such a long wet term 3 we had lots to do! Last term was pretty quiet on the Green Team front, we had hardly any fine days when I wasn’t working to get into the garden, and even if we did, nothing was going to grow much anyway. Today, on the other hand, has been perfect weather to get excited about the garden again.

Things were looking pretty over grown, but there was still plenty of produce that made it through the wet months. Today we pulled out the middle garden that had cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbage in it. The chooks were pretty happy with the fresh supply of greens. Next we had to add some food for the plants we had lined up to go in. I have special names for the fertiliser/food we put into the soil, this helps the kids to remember what needs to go in. Lime = Icing sugar, Compost = Cocoa, General Fertiliser = 100s and 1000s, and of course my favourite, Sheep pellets = Chocolate chips! “Think of it like making a good chocolate cake”, I tell them.

We planted 4 varieties of tomatoes in the garden today. Sweet 100, Money maker, Roma and Black Krim. (As always, a huge thanks to Awapuni Nursery for the amazing supply of seedlings we get for schools gardens in our local community) Hopefully these will produce loads of tomatoes for our Longburn whanau to enjoy in the New Year. We also planted basil in the garden. This doesn’t only just taste good with tomatoes, it’s a great companion plant. i.e They are best friends 🙂

Share table today was heaving with loads of butter crunch lettuce, leeks, spring onions, peas (thanks Riley and Nirvana for painstakingly picking these!) spinach, broccoli, thyme, mint and parsley. All free, fresh and tasty for you to enjoy!

I have a happy heart after a day with the kids in the garden, their hands in the soil and happy smiles on their faces. It is such a pleasure to have a cool group of genuinely interested young people to guide into a self sustainable future and we are looking forward to getting corn and beans off to a good start next Friday. Remember if you have any spare produce (lemons are plentiful at this time of year), bring them along on a Friday to share at the table.

Have a great long labour weekend everyone. Plant something….. anything!