Hokowhitu School – Te Kete Manawa – 18/10/2017

Morena TKM! What a great session we had on Wednesday. Even the fact we didn’t get to do the gardening part of the Plant to Plate programme didn’t put a damper on our morning together.

I had such a great time chatting with you all and seeing what fantastic cooking stills you all have. It can be very tricky to use those sharp knives without cutting yourself and I was pleased to see that you had listened to me at the beginning of the session. I saw lots of fingers tucked up or you using the bridge hold. Another kitchen item that we sometimes have trouble with is the grater. This is a very sharp tool and it is very easy to grate our fingers instead of the cheese or carrot! I am happy to say that there were no fingers in the fritters on Wednesday. Ka pai everyone!

I was also very happy to see the way everyone was working as a team to get their recipe completed. Things are usually so much easier when we work together to complete a task. Chopping and mixing aren’t the only things we have to do when we are cooking. It is just as important to clean up after ourselves and you all did a great job of wiping the benches, rinsing, washing, drying and putting away everything that you had used.

My tummy was really grumbling by the time we had the table all set up for lunch, I think this was because of all the delicious smells wafting around. I saw a few other students poke their heads into the hall, they must of been able to smell it too. I think that I was most impressed by the fact that you all tried a bit of everything on your plates, even if you weren’t sure if you would like it. It is so important to keep trying new things and even things you haven’t liked in the past. One day you might just decide that it actually tastes really good!

I think the overall recipe winner of the day was the pumpkin muffins. I am really happy you enjoyed these, my children love them too. Maybe you can have a go making these at home with you whanau! All the recipes we cooked are just to the right.

Thank you TKM students for a great morning, we all had a super time. Cindy


It’s Labour Weekend! Time to get stuck into the garden. This is the weekend New Zealanders traditionally plant their garden for the summer months. Tomatoes can go in this week, make sure they have plenty of compost and not too much nitrogen! There is nothing quite like a tomato sandwich made with your own homegrown sweet tomatoes. There are so many wonderful varieties of tomato to choose from, form traditional red, to orange, yellow green, black and even stripy ones, have fun and plant loads!


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