Clifton School – Room 4 – 06/09/2017

Our final session with fabulous room four was the prefect way to end our sessions at Clifton School! Rosemairi and I had a lovely morning with you all in the garden and we were very happy the rain stayed away! We managed to fit so much into our session, chats about the smallest and largest seeds in my magical box, making some wheat head people (I would love you to send me some photos of them when their hair starts to grow!) and getting some vegetables planted in the garden beds as well! You all did such a great job of listening and joining in, I hope you had a nice time and that you will keep checking your plants to make sure they are growing well.

The kitchen crew were so busy making lunch and there were some yummy smells drifting out of the door. Mr Broad even popped over to get himself a lunch too! My favourite dish of the day was the baked spring rolls. They are very popular in my house and my 11 year old son make them all the time. All the recipes you made are just to the right, if there was one you liked the most maybe you could try and make it at home for you family! Room 4 you all did such a great job of eating your lunch that there was only the paper cases from the muffins in the scrap bin… my chicken were sad they didn’t get any scraps yesterday, but I was super proud of you all for eating so well. I loved watching you planting the vegetables in the garden and also your wonderful cutting skills in the kitchen… maybe some of you will end up on master chef?

Thank you room 4 for a lovely morning, we all hope you had fun. We will be back next year so keep practicing your cooking and gardening until then. Ka kita ano, Cindy.


Potatoes are an easy vegetable for beginners and they are a fantastic first crop in new soil as the roots and tubers break it up and make it easier to dig in the future. July/August is a good time to start sprouting your potatoes ready for planting in September. It’s a great activity for kids to do!


 Newspaper pots.