Clifton School – Room 8 – 16th August 2017

How great to be back in Bulls (I lived here for a while and loved it!)

Room 8 I was so looking forward to meeting you all and getting stuck into that awesome garden area you have. Mr Broad had said that he had been doing a bit of a tidy up and I thought that it looked great. Half of you managed to get some plant s in the garden, but unfortunately the rain cam over while it was the “muffins” turn. I hope you were able to get the plants I left behind in later in the week! We did get a chance to get the soil ready by adding all of our “Chocolate cake” ingredients. Soil = Flour, Compost = Cocoa, Lime = Icing sugar, General Fertiliser = 100’s and 1000’s, Sheep Poo = Chocolate chips! With all that goodness in the soil those wee plants will be growing super fast and huge.

I was so disappointed I didn’t get to share lunch with you all because there were some delicious smells wafting around. My belly was growling the whole way back to Palmerston North. I saw some really great skills when I popped in to take some photos. Your chopping looked professional! I guess you have all been doing some cooking at home. So what was your favourite recipe of the day? I am going to guess it was either the potato bake or the pasta dish? Am I right? I challenge you to cook your favourite for you family this weekend. All the recipes you made are just on the right. Click on them and they will take you to the correct page.

Room 8 I hope you enjoyed your time with us, and I hope you learnt something new. I loved the way you all paid attention when we were chatting about the seeds in my box and I loved the questions you asked as well. You were really thinking and interested to know more. Ka Pai!

I hope you all get a chance to share this blog with your whanau, and I also hope you come and say hi when I am back on Wednesday.

Happy gardening everyone, Cindy.


In early Spring we get excited and want to start planting seeds for our Summer harvest, but it is still too cold for our favourite Summer produce. (Tomatoes, Sweet corn and Zucchini to name a few) To get a head start on these, sow them in trays and keep them inside until the temperature is a bit warmer. A sunny window sill or hot water cupboard is ideal. Just remember that if you put them in the hot water cupboard, you will need to bring them out into a sunny spot as soon as the pop through the soil. They need sunlight to grow into strong plants.


 Make your own bug spray.