Clifton School – Room 7 – 23/08/2017

Our second session at Clifton School was with lovely room 7. We had a cracker of a day for it, the sun was shinning and the wind stayed away.

Rosemairi and I were out in the garden for the session and we had a huge load of plants to get in. It’s really nice to see you have tidied your garden area and are looking after it. There aren’t that many schools as lucky as you to have a fenced vegetable garden and so many raised beds to plant it!  Before planting all the seedlings I got from Awapuni Nursery , we had to get the soil ready by adding all of our “Chocolate cake” ingredients. Soil = Flour, Compost = Cocoa, Lime = Icing sugar, General Fertiliser = 100’s and 1000’s, Sheep Poo = Chocolate chips! With all that goodness in the soil those wee plants will be growing super fast and huge. Have you had a think about what you will do with the produce once it has grown? Some schools set up a share table like the one in this picture.

I was happy I was able to share my love of seeds with you and I hope you learnt something new! Who remembers what the smallest seed in my box was? And what was the largest? Do you remember the 3 ways seeds can be dispersed and which was these 2 seeds were?

There was some fantastic cooking happening inside and every time I popped in to take some photos my belly would begin to growl. I liked seeing the great team work happening and also the great care you were taking while cutting, peeling and grating. It is quite easy to cut yourself if you aren’t paying close enough attention and no one wants to find fingers in the fritters. Last week I didn’t get a chance to stay and enjoy lunch so I was pleased I could have my favourite leek and bacon tart. Which was you favourite? All the recipes are just to the right so why not try your favourite at home with your family!

Room 7 we all had a lovely morning with you and I hope you had a fun time too. Keep up the great work guys! Cindy


If you don’t have a lot of space at your place, or you aren’t able to make a vegetable patch, growing vegies in a container is a great idea. Not only does it save space, you can move your containers to just the right spot, or even follow the sun around if you need to! Just remember to be vigilant with your water routine, containers dry out much faster than the ground does.


Create a Pizza Garden.