Clifton School – Room 5 – 30/08/2017

Our 3rd session at Clifton School was with fantastic room five. I was great to see some familiar faces from our sessions last year and just as great to see a few new ones too. We had some new volunteers join us for this session too, Hae-In from Korea and Yoshi from Japan.

Hae-In and Yoshi as well as Erica, Craig, Yvonne and Gaewyn where all helping with the cooking and when I came in to get some photos I found everyone with their heads down, working hard and having loads of fun by the sound of time. It’s great to see everyone taking time with their cutting and grating, these can be tricky and a little dangerous if you aren’t paying attention. No one wants to find a finger in their fritter! The food produced was amazing and everyone ate a really good meal at the end of the session. What was your favourite recipe? You could try it at home with your family, all the recipes we made are just to the right. There are also lots of other easy recipes for you to try here on our website. Have a look at what some of the other schools have been making.

Rosemairi and I were helping in the garden for this session. We were lucky with the weather and were able to get lots of vegetables planted in the gardens. There was a lot of weeding to be done in the bed we needed to plant up. You had to dig down deep to make sure you got all the roots out, and don’t forget to shake the soil back into the garden! Then we talked about the best food to add to the soil to help the seedlings grow big and strong. Compost (Cocoa), Lime (Icing sugar), General fertiliser (100’s & 1000’s) and my most favourite… Sheep poo (chocolate chips!) I had picked up lots of healthy seedling from Awapuni Nursery on my way out to Bulls. Red lettuce, beetroot, silverbeet, celery, sage, mint, bok choy and even some red Anzac poppies to pop in. I am pleased it rained over night to give everything a good drink.

We had a lovely morning with you room 5 and we hope you got to try something new! Happy gardening everyone! Cindy


Some flowers are edible and can be eaten straight out of the garden or used as decorations.  They’re easy to grow too. Make sure you check that they are safe to eat first, some are poisonous. These ones here are safe to eat!

  • Violas and pansies – pretty  on salads or cakes.
  • Roses – you can eat the petals
  • Calendula – bright orange petals you can sprinkle over a salad, rice or pasta dish.
  • Begonias – a nice citrus flavour.
  • Nasturtiums
  • Lavender (English)
  • Vegetable flowers – including courgettes, beans, peas, and radish flowers.

Some ways you can use your flowers include:

  1. Sprinkle over salads
  2. Use them fresh on cakes and dessert.
  3. Freeze small flowers in water in ice trays for very pretty ice cubes!



Salad in a bucket