Parkland School – Room 12 – 5th July 2017

Our last session for term 2 was with the wonderful students from Mrs Wilson’s room 12. I love coming to Parkland school because Mrs Wilson is so enthusiastic about the garden and it always has some produce in it that we can take inside a use in the cooking. This time there was lots of herbs, silverbeet and lettuce for us. The silver beet will be great in the Greek dish, spanakopita (pronounced: span-a-cop-i-ta) and the lettuce in the tortilla wraps.

Rosemairi has got the compost looking good and we were joined by room 7 who have been learning about compost in their class. They added the compost they made to the gardens we were planting. Thanks room 7! Rosemairi also got the worm farm up and running again. She brought lots of worms from her own farm as we used all the compost (and worms) in the gardens the previous weeks. Worm don’t really like to eat onion skins and citrus (mandarin  and orange) peels, so remember to leave them out.

There was lots happening in the hall as well. Yummy smells were wafting all around the school and I saw lots of students peeking inside to see what was happening. I hope that you try this recipe at home with your families. All the recipes we used are just to the right, click on them and give them a go at home!

I love seeing you all work as a team to get you dish ready. There is lots of peeling and grating, mixing and stir and of course cleaning up to do. But if everyone chips in then it is so much easier. I was really impressed with how well you all ate. Remember to keep trying new things even if you didn’t enjoy it the first time. Our taste buds change as we grow older, remember how I told you that I loathed beetroot growing up, but now I eat it almost every single day!

As always I had a great morning with you all in room 12. I have put the “grow an avocado tree” activity below, I hope it is something you might try together as a class, I would love to come back next year and see a small tree starting to grow.

Happy gardening everyone, see you next time. Cindy


July is usually pretty cold and damp, and there isn’t too much to do in the garden. You can however start your seedlings off if you have a nice warm, sunny spot inside. Good things to try are: Silverbeet, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leek, Spring Onion, Peas, Tomato

Empty egg containers or half egg shells make good containers for raising seeds because you can plant the whole thing into the garden. I like to cover my seed trays with a sheet of glass, plastic or even plastic wrap to keep them toasty warm. Don’t forget to give them a spray of water to keep things moist. Use an old spray and wipe bottle or similar but make sure you rinse it out really well. You don’t want to spray any chemicals on your new seedling. Keep them inside until it starts to warm up a bit in September and don’t attempt to plant them out until they are a good size.


 Growing an Avocado Tree.